What Is Healthy Eating For Children. Part 3 of 3

What Is Healthy Eating For Children – Part 3 of 3

That could mean school pizzas are healthier, or it could mean other school lunches are equally extraordinary in calories. Connie Diekman is director of university nutrition at Washington University in St Louis. She said: “The big take-away is that the overall balance of kids’ diets is not as healthful as it needs to be. If kids light of one’s life pizza, assess how it fits into the whole day so that it doesn’t take calories away from other food groups”.

She said ways to make pizza healthier can embrace using whole-wheat or white whole-wheat for the crust, using more fruits and vegetables instead of meat, and using less cheese or stronger-flavored cheeses. Freedhoff has his own low-calorie pizza recipe. By skipping the meat and sticking to break up skim-milk mozzarella, basil, onion and garlic, a pizza can still total less than 200 calories a slice.

Freedhoff said store-bought pizza can be enjoyed in moderation. But frequently eating pizza at college may lead children to think of fast-food pizzas as a regular meal rather than a treat, a habit that could carry over into adulthood. “There’s often a world of difference between doing what’s right and doing what’s easy. By sympathy on pizza because we can, we’re normalizing a culture of convenience that isn’t in our children’s or their health’s best interest”.

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