Patients With Cancer Choose Surgery. Part 2 of 3

Patients With Cancer Choose Surgery – Part 2 of 3

And “Our techniques of reconstruction are advanced and offer patients better survival and functional outcomes”. The analyse involved 19 people with advanced oral cavity mouth cancer. All of the participants were given an initial dose of chemotherapy (called “induction” chemotherapy). Patients whose cancer was reduced in measure by 50 percent received more chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy.


Those who did not respond well to the first dose of chemotherapy underwent surgery. After surgery these patients also received radiation. The researchers reported that their muse about was stopped early because the results were so dismal. Ten of the patients responded to chemotherapy. Of these people, only three were cancer-free five years later. Only two of the remaining nine patients who underwent surgery after the sign dose of chemotherapy were alive and cancer-free after five years, the researchers found.

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