Healthy Obesity Is A Myth. Part 1 of 3

Healthy Obesity Is A Myth – Part 1 of 3

Healthy Obesity Is A Myth. The quirk of potentially healthy obesity is a myth, with most obese people slipping into poor health and chronic illness over time, a restored British study claims. The “obesity paradox” is a theory that argues obesity might improve some people’s chances of survival over illnesses such as heart failure, said lead researcher Joshua Bell, a doctoral schoolboy in University College London’s department of epidemiology and public health. But research tracking the health of more than 2500 British men and women for two decades found that half the colonize initially considered “healthy obese” wound up sliding into poor health as years passed.

And “Healthy obesity is something that’s a phase rather than something that’s remaining over time. It’s important to have a long-term view of healthy obesity, and to bear in mind the long-term tendencies. As long as obesity persists, health tends to decline. It does seem to be a high-risk state”. The avoirdupois paradox springs from research involving people who are overweight but do not suffer from obesity-related problems such as high blood pressure, bad cholesterol and elevated blood sugar, said Dr Andrew Freeman, top banana of clinical cardiology for National Jewish Health in Denver.

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