Healthy Obesity Is A Myth. Part 3 of 3

Healthy Obesity Is A Myth – Part 3 of 3

But over time, this group began to develop risk factors for chronic disease. After 10 years about 40 percent had become unhealthy obese, and by the 20-year mark 51 percent had fallen into the indisposed category, the study found. Healthy non-obese people also slipped into poor health over time, but at a slower rate. After two decades, 22 percent had become perilous but were still trim, and about 10 percent more had become either healthy or unhealthy obese.

Only 11 percent of the people who started out as healthy obese lost weight and become healthy and non-obese, the researchers found. This read suggests that obese people will eventually develop risk factors such as high blood sugar and bad cholesterol that lead to chronic illness and death, Bell and Freeman said. “The longer one is obese, the more acceptable they are to induce damage. I have very seldom seen people who are obese for the long-term not have a condition that requires treatment”. Bell said these findings make the case that ancestors who are obese should try to lose weight, even if they currently don’t have any risk factors. “All types of obesity warrant treatment, even those which appear to be healthy, because they carry a high risk of future decline. The findings are published Jan 5, 2015 in a spell in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

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