Ecstasy In The Service Of Medicine. Part 3 of 3

Ecstasy In The Service Of Medicine – Part 3 of 3

Dr Michael Mithoefer, author of the earlier study on MDMA and PTSD, also urged further exploration of the medicinal potential of the drug. “First, I judge it’s very important that we investigate potential new therapies, and that we shouldn’t be dissuaded from doing that just because something can be misused. Many things can be life-threatening or dangerous if used incorrectly.

But if reach-me-down in the right setting wisely, many things can also be helpful. So there’s no question we should be looking into how this might benefit people who are suffering”. The results of his earlier study, which had focused on the moderate dose of MDMA, “were very promising. Now, there’s a large way to go between that and proving effectiveness. But it certainly suggests, just as these findings suggest, that the question merits further investigation”. to be continued…


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