Nuts Cause Allergies. Part 2 of 3

Nuts Cause Allergies – Part 2 of 3

Yet why this rash is happening remains a mystery. “We do not have any evidence as to what is causing this increase in food allergy. It’s some kind of genetic and environmental link”. The new findings do not demonstrate or assay a cause-and-effect relationship between women eating nuts during pregnancy and lower allergy risk in their children. “The results of our study are not strong enough to make dietary recommendations for pregnant women.


Young said the findings do, however, unite to the growing evidence that early introduction of foods increases the development of tolerance and reduces the risk of allergies. “Our data should reassure pregnant women that they could devour nuts without causing the offspring to be allergic to nuts. Gupta agreed. “With the recent increase in food allergies, I think mothers are fearful that eating certain foods may cause their lass to develop that food allergy.

But that isn’t backed by any data. “Mothers should not be fearful of eating certain foods and should go on with their regular cravings and their regular diets and not avoid things to try to keep safe their child from allergy. This study suggests that exposure to nuts early in life might protect kids from developing an allergy to them – a theory that also has been linked to other foods to which kids are commonly allergic.

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