New Technologies In A Therapy Of Ovarian Cancer. Part 1 of 3

New Technologies In A Therapy Of Ovarian Cancer – Part 1 of 3

New Technologies In A Therapy Of Ovarian Cancer. A romance but preliminary new treatment for ovarian cancer has apparently produced complete alleviation for one patient with an advanced form of the disease, researchers are reporting in April 2013. The promising results of a phase 1 clinical trial for the immunotherapy approach also showed that seven other women had no measurable illness at the end of the trial, the researchers added. Their results are scheduled to be presented Saturday at the American Association for Cancer Research’s annual meeting in Washington, DC

Ovarian cancer is fairly uncommon – an estimated 1,38 percent of females born today will be diagnosed with the condition – but it’s an especially deadly form of cancer because it is usually diagnosed in an advanced stage. The strange treatment uses a personalized vaccine to try to teach the body’s immune system how to fight off tumors. Researchers took bits of tumor and blood from women with stage 3 or 4 ovarian cancer and created individualized vaccines, said reflect on lead author Lana Kandalaft, director of clinical development and operations at the Ovarian Cancer Research Center in the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.

Each patient’s tumor is solitary like a fingerprint. We’re trying to rewire the immune system to target the tumor. Once the immune system has highbrow how to more effectively fight the cancer, the researchers isolate immune cells called dendritic cells, coax them to multiply, then put them back into the body to strengthen it. The research is only in the first of three stages that are required before drugs can be sold in the United States.

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