The Consequences Of Head Injuries Of Young Riders. Part 1 of 3

The Consequences Of Head Injuries Of Young Riders – Part 1 of 3

The Consequences Of Head Injuries Of Young Riders. As more innocent people ride motorcycles without wearing helmets in the United States, more serious boss injuries and long-term disabilities from crashes are creating huge medical costs, two new companion studies show. In 2006, about 25 percent of all traumatic brain injuries level in motorcycle crashes involving 12- to 20-year-olds resulted in long-term disabilities, said study author Harold Weiss. And patients with serious head injuries were at least 10 times more probable to die in the hospital than patients without serious head injuries.

One study looked at the number of head injuries among young motorcyclists and the medical costs; the other looked at the burden of laws requiring helmet use for motorcycle riders, which vary from state to state. Age-specific helmet use laws were instituted in many states after mandatory laws for all ages were abandoned years ago. “We advised of from several previous studies that there is a substantial decrease in youth wearing helmets when universal helmet laws are changed to youth-only laws,” said Weiss, director of the injury frustration research unit at the Dunedin School of Medicine, New Zealand. He was at the University of Pittsburgh when he conducted the research.

Using hospital discharge data from 38 states from 2005 to 2007, the bone up found that motorcycle crashes were the reason for 3 percent of all injuries requiring hospitalization among 12- to 20-year-olds in the United States in 2006. One-third of the 5662 motorcycle crash victims under majority 21 who were hospitalized that year sustained traumatic head injuries, and 91 died.

About half of those injured or killed were between the ages of 18 and 20 and 90 percent were boys, the study found. The findings, published online Nov 15, 2010 in Pediatrics, also showed that aptitude injuries led to longer hospital stays and higher medical costs than other types of motorcycle accident-related injuries.

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