New Treatment For Migraine. Part 1 of 3

New Treatment For Migraine – Part 1 of 3

New Treatment For Migraine. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the to begin device aimed at easing the pain of migraines preceded by aura – sensory disturbances that come to pass just before an attack. About a third of migraine sufferers experience auras. The Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator would be obtained through prescription, the FDA said in a assertion released Friday Dec, 2013. Patients use both hands to hold the device against the back of their head and press a button so that the device can release a pulse of magnetic energy. This pulse stimulates the brain’s occipital cortex, which may restrain or ease migraine pain.

And “Millions of people suffer from migraines, and this new device represents a new treatment option for some patients,” Christy Foreman, director of the Office of Device Evaluation in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, said in the statement. The agency’s consent is based on a trial involving 201 patients who had suffered moderate-to-strong migraine with aura.

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