New Treatment For Migraine. Part 2 of 3

New Treatment For Migraine – Part 2 of 3

One-hundred and thirteen of the patients tried treating their migraines while an devour was in progress, and it was the testimony of this group that led to the approval of the new device, the FDA said. More than a third (38 percent) of settle using the stimulator said they were pain-free two hours later, compared to 17 percent of patients who did not use the device. A full day after the onset of migraine, nearly 34 percent of manoeuvre users said they were pain-free, compared to 10 percent of people who hadn’t used the device.


Side effects from the device were rare, the FDA said, but included “single reports of sinusitis, aphasia (inability to signify or understand language) and vertigo”. The new device is approved only for use by those aged 18 or older, and should not be used by people with suspected or diagnosed epilepsy or a family history of seizures.

Parts: 1 2 3


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