Current Flu Season Is Deathly. Part 1 of 3

Current Flu Season Is Deathly – Part 1 of 3

Current Flu Season Is Deathly. The inclination flu season, already off to a rough start, continues to get worse, with 43 states now reporting widespread flu venture and 21 child deaths so far, US health officials said Monday. And, the predominate flu continues to be the H3N2 strain – one that is poorly matched to this year’s vaccine, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The correlation of outpatient visits for flu-like symptoms reached nearly 6 percent by the end of December, way above the baseline of 2 percent, CDC spokeswoman Erin Burns said Monday.

Flu reaches general levels in the United States every year, Dr Michael Jhung, a medical officer in CDC’s influenza division, told HealthDay behind week. Whether this flu season will be more severe or milder than previous ones won’t be known until April or May. The number of children’s deaths from flu varies by year. “In some years we look at as few as 30, in other years we have seen over 170. Although it’s the middle of the flu season, the CDC continues to recommend that everyone 6 months and older get a flu shot.

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