Very Loud Music Can Cause Hearing Loss In Adolescence. Part 2 of 3

Very Loud Music Can Cause Hearing Loss In Adolescence – Part 2 of 3

Between the two study periods, hearing loss due to loud rumble exposure had gone up among adolescent girls, from 11,6 percent to 16,7 percent – a level that had previously been observed solely among adolescent boys. When asked about their past day’s activities, office participants revealed that their overall exposure to loud noise and/or their use of headphones for music-listening had rocketed up, from just under 20 percent in the late 1980s and early 1990s to nearly 35 percent of adolescents in 2005-2006.


But increased headphone-use, the authors noted, did not appear to be the underlying cause of the broaden in hearing loss among teen girls. Instead, the authors noted that by 2005-2006 girls appeared to be experiencing almost identical amounts of exposure to recreational noise as boys, while being less likely to use hearing protection. The authors also speculated that the rise in hearing loss among girls could, in large measure, lay bare an increased exposure to factors not included in the survey – the extremely loud music often found in club or music concert settings.

So what’s your average club-going American teen to do? “Use protection,” advised Henderson. “I mean, when she’s on level Lady Gaga definitely has some kind of ear block in her ear to protect herself, so why shouldn’t her fans? Clear thunder blockers put in the ear lower the decibel that you are exposed to in that environment. And in terms of headphones, I would say kids should get the ones that have sound-blocking capabilities.

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