American Children Receive 24 Vaccines Before The Age Of 2. Part 3 of 3

American Children Receive 24 Vaccines Before The Age Of 2 – Part 3 of 3

The commission preparing the report looked at available research and also talked to parents, clinicians, advocacy groups and representatives from various US health agencies, as well as agencies from other countries. Among the factors considered: enumerate of vaccines, frequency and order of administration, spacing between doses, cumulative doses, age of recipient and any relationship on autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, asthma and allergies, seizures and unfolding disorders including autism, said committee member Dr Alfred Berg, a professor of family medicine at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle.

Although the committee found the vaccine allot did not appear to do any harm, it did point out areas for improvement. While current systems designed to detect any safety problems are good, they could be expanded, the committee stated. And there are further areas for research, such as identifying any populations who may potentially be accessible to harm from vaccines, said Dr Pauline Thomas, another committee member and an associate professor of preventive medicine and community health at New Jersey Medical School in Newark.

And the National Vaccine Program Office, which coordinates the various federal agencies interested in immunization activities, should “systematically collect and assess information about stakeholder such as parents’ concerns”. Loe Fisher said the NVIC supported the telephone for more investigation into the issue of public confidence in the childhood vaccination schedule. But the NVIC did not agree with the committee’s recommendations that prospective trials are not helpful for examining vaccination safety. Instead, it called for more research using existing databases.

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