Hairdressers Against AIDS. Part 2 of 3

Hairdressers Against AIDS – Part 2 of 3

Using hair-care professionals to get health messages out to the masses isn’t a novel idea. Recent studies have shown, for example, that wrathful men can be motivated by barbershop messages to improve their blood pressure or get educated about their risk for prostate cancer. And the US launch of Hairdressers Against AIDS is just the latest expansion of a global HIV awareness effort that’s already in place in 30 countries throughout the world.


Hairdressers Against AIDS will first offer in-depth HIV/AIDS background training to 1,200 “salon educators,” relying on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as their elementary source for HIV/AIDS information and prevention advice. The salon educators will then send HIV information and resource materials out to about half a million hairdressers nationwide. Christine Schuster, L’Oreal evil president of education and campaign chair, called the effort an “advocacy program” that will capitalize on salons’ key situation in communities to help dispel myths, such as the idea that HIV is no longer a significant health threat or that AIDS is now curable.

In fact, the campaign notes that 1,1 million Americans are still living with HIV and every 9,5 minutes another American becomes infected. About one-fifth of those infected are brown study to be unaware of their status. “We want to get the conversation started,” Schuster said, noting that the nation’s half-million hairdressers come into correspond with with an average of 20 million clients per week. “There’s no better place to have a conversation than in your local salon”.

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