Women Suffer Postpartum Depression. Part 1 of 2

Women Suffer Postpartum Depression – Part 1 of 2

Women Suffer Postpartum Depression. Having a longer pregnancy leave reduces a woman’s risk of postpartum depression, new research shows. The findings suggest that the climactic 12 weeks of maternity leave given to American mothers under federal law may be inadequate, according to the University of Maryland researchers. “In the United States, most working women are back to work soon after giving birth, with the womanhood not taking more than three months of leave,” study leader Dr Rada Dagher said in a university news release. “But our study showed that women who return to work sooner than six months after childbirth have an increased imperil of postpartum depressive symptoms,” added Dagher, an assistant professor of health services administration at the School of Public Health.

In the year after giving birth, about 13 percent of mothers event postpartum depression, which can cause serious symptoms similar to clinical depression. This study included more than 800 women in Minnesota who were followed for a year after they gave birth. About 7 percent of the mothers went back to career within six weeks, 46 percent by 12 weeks, and 87 percent by six months.

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