Each Person Has A Scoliosis. Part 3 of 3

Each Person Has A Scoliosis – Part 3 of 3

She became masterful at the runty game, and went from being the No 3 golfer on a very good high school golf team to the No 1 amateur in the United States. It was with her college success that Lewis began to prize “that people were reading about me and being uplifted by my story. I began corresponding with some kids with scoliosis who had reached out to me.

So when I turned pro, I knew that as more and more people heard my story, the more I might be able to aid them. Stacy Lewis faced her adversity head on, and is a shining example of handling difficult times with grace and determination – never giving in and never giving up. I’ve told her account to thousands of kids, and I’m sure other doctors have too”.

What is it about her story that Lewis most wants those kids to know? “When I was told I had to have surgery to implant a metal discipline and five screws into my back, I did not envision that I could be a professional athlete, let alone reach No 1 in the world. In that way, it was a blessing in disguise. I learned that if I put in the feat and the time, I could reach my goals and even surpass them. You never know how high you’ll be able to go if you don’t let the condition define your limits.

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