Chronic Heartburn Is Often No Great Risk Of Esophageal Cancer. Part 2 of 3

Chronic Heartburn Is Often No Great Risk Of Esophageal Cancer – Part 2 of 3

For women, the jeopardize for the cancer was negligible, about the same as that of men for developing breast cancer, or less than 1 percent, the researchers said. Yet the ginormous majority of gastroenterologists surveyed said they would recommend screening for young men with acid reflux symptoms, and many would send women for the testing as well, according to research cited in the study.


Screening for esophageal cancer, called endoscopy, involves placing a tube with a tight camera down the throat to look for tumors. Anyone with acid reflux disease who develops more serious symptoms that don’t reply to medication, such as a problem swallowing, unexplained weight loss, or vomiting, should see a doctor, as those symptoms could be signs of esophageal cancer.

Although it wasn’t addressed in this study, obesity and smoking escalation the risk for esophageal cancer, said Rubenstein. The study sought to show a baseline age for esophageal cancer that would compare to the generally established ages for screening for other more common cancers such as colorectal (50 years) and bosom cancer (40 years).

In Rubenstein’s opinion, screening for esophageal cancer should not be performed routinely in men younger than 50 or in women because of the very low incidences of the cancer, nevertheless of the frequency of GERD symptoms. Although Rubenstein said white males have a risk of developing esophageal cancer that’s about four to five times higher than the risk for hyacinthine males, the odds are still comparatively low. Men at any age are three times more likely to get colon cancer than esophageal cancer, according to the research.

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