A New Approach To The Regularity Of Mammography. Part 3 of 3

A New Approach To The Regularity Of Mammography – Part 3 of 3

Beginning mammography at age 50 and continuing it biennially to age 74 can reduce those deaths by seven. Or, in other words, 23 will still die of breast cancer despite screening. Beginning mammography at epoch 40 can reduce deaths by one more, to 22.

“It’s clear mammogram is a useful tool in the fight against breast cancer and that the appropriate use of mammogram will prevent some deaths. But the exam is far from perfect, the benefits are smaller than many people assume, and women should know there are drawbacks”.

Both Kopans and Calonge agree that complicating all analyses is the fact that early detection of breast cancer doesn’t axiomatically translate into prolonging life. Breast cancer tumors can be highly aggressive, and even early detection won’t mean a longer life. On the other hand, some tumors are extremely slow on the uptake growing and might never cause a problem even if left untreated.

The problem is, doctors don’t know which tumor is which, Kopans stated. “It’s true that mammography is far from perfect. But it’s the only analysis for breast cancer we have that has been shown to save lives. In the United States, we’ve seen a 30 percent decrease in the breast cancer death rate since the beginning of mammography screening in the mid-1980s”. In theory, the concept of discussing mammography with your tamper with is a good one. But with primary care appointments typically lasting under 10 minutes, doctors are not going to discuss randomized clinical trials with you herbalvito.com. Instead, they will rely on guidelines such as the USPSTF report.

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