Another Layer Of Insight To The Placebo Effect. Part 2 of 3

Another Layer Of Insight To The Placebo Effect – Part 2 of 3

And that is “not snobbish to Parkinson’s,” added LeWitt, who wrote an editorial published with the study that appeared online Jan 28, 2015 in the annal Neurology. Research has documented the placebo effect in various medical conditions. “The main message here is that medication effects can be modulated by factors that consumers are not aware of – including perceptions of price”. In the carton of Parkinson’s, it’s thought that the placebo effect might stem from the brain’s release of the chemical dopamine, according to study leader Dr Alberto Espay, a neurologist at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.


Parkinson’s contagion arises when brain cells that produce dopamine become dysfunctional, leading to movement symptoms such as tremors, rigid muscles, and balance and coordination problems. And it so happens that the understanding churns out more dopamine when a person is anticipating a reward – like symptom relief from a drug. To Espay, the new findings are more evidence that “expectations” enjoy oneself an important role in treatment results.

So “If you expect a lot, you’re more likely to get a lot. The patients in his study didn’t get as much relief from the two placebos as they did from their regular medication, levodopa – a level Parkinson’s drug. But the magnitude of the expensive placebo’s benefit was about halfway between that of the cheap placebo and levodopa, according to the researchers. What’s more, patients’ brain activity on the extortionate placebo was similar to what was seen with levodopa.

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