Influence Of Lead On An Organism Of Children. Part 2 of 3

Influence Of Lead On An Organism Of Children – Part 2 of 3

And “Because the brain damage caused to children by lead is permanent, untreatable and extremely costly, checking of lead exposure is the only logical and medically proven approach for dealing with the lead poisoning epidemic”. The CDC noted that previous “level of concern” for blood lead levels in children was set at or above 10 mcg/dL. The unripe study found significant progress over the past four decades in reducing the number of children with this level of lead in their blood.


From 1976 to 1980, an estimated 88 percent of children superannuated 1 to 5 had blood lead levels at or above 10 mcg/dL, compared with 4,4 percent in 1991-1994, 1,6 percent in 1999-2002 and 0,8 percent in 2007-2010. However, there are indefatigable differences in the blood lead levels of children in different racial/ethnic and income groups that are linked to disparities in housing quality, environmental conditions, nutrition and other factors, the consider said.

Efforts to prevent lead poisoning should target areas and communities where children are most at risk, the study authors recommended in the April 5 issue of the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Another top-notch not involved with the report described what parents can do. “Parents may help protect their children by ensuring that their home environments are free of lead-based paint and by keeping children away from prehistoric windows and areas with peeling paint,” said Dr Roya Samuels, a pediatrician at Cohen Children’s Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY.

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