Early Diagnostics Of A Colorectal Cancer. Part 2 of 3

Early Diagnostics Of A Colorectal Cancer – Part 2 of 3

More important, the same genetic hallmarks of colon cancer (or their absence) “could be solemn in blood samples from colorectal cancer patients and healthy individuals,” the researchers said in a journal news release. The test was able to detect stage 1 cancer 92 percent of the time, “indicating that SDC2 is befitting for early detection of colorectal cancer where therapeutic interventions have the greatest likelihood of curing the patient from the disease,” study model author TaeJeong Oh said in the news release.


Oh said the test could be used either in addition to conventional colonoscopy or perhaps as an alternative. Experts were cautious about the potential utility of the new test. “Given the overall hushed rate of adherence to colorectal cancer screening, having other non-invasive options to get everyone screened for colorectal cancer is never a bad thing,” said Dr Bethany Devito, a gastroenterologist at North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, NY.

Devito said, however, that more enquire is needed before the blood test becomes fully accepted for use. Unlike similar gene-based tests based on stool samples, the unusual test “has not been studied to prove detection of precancerous polyps. Further studies with larger sample sizes are needed to validate its task as an effective screening tool for the detection of not only early colorectal cancer but also precancerous polyps”.

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