Shoveling Snow Leads To Death. Part 2 of 2

Shoveling Snow Leads To Death – Part 2 of 2

Warm up with stretching and light activity before shoveling, exercising or beginning other strenuous activities. Wear a scarf over your gate and nose when you’re shoveling snow to warm the air you’re breathing. Layer clothes beneath a windproof and waterproof outer shell, which will help maintain body heat.


Push the snow rather than dissipate it. This will reduce the risk of overexertion. Take frequent breaks while shoveling to give your muscles – especially your heart – a chance to relax. Try sharing the workload with a friend, which will also certain that you are not alone in case of an emergency side effect. If you are over 50, overweight, out of shape or have suffered a heart attack, consult your doctor before shoveling snow or starting any exercise routine.

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