Saving Lives With Hemostatic Medicine. Part 3 of 3

Saving Lives With Hemostatic Medicine – Part 3 of 3

Currently, TXA is not generally used in emergency rooms to touch on trauma patients, but Roberts believes that this study could change that. “It’s not our job to tell doctors how to treat their patients, but this is a drug that is safe and effective in a condition where people have a high gamble of death”. The researchers believe that TXA could have even wider uses, such as reducing brain bleeds after brain injury. The drug could also be used to reduce postpartum bleeding, which the researchers speak causes some 100000 deaths a year worldwide.

In fact, a trial to see whether TXA can reduce postpartum bleeding has started, the team noted. Levy however, cautioned that the results of this work apply only to TXA and do not mean that people should try similar drugs hoping for similar results. “Everybody wants to be creative, but you have to look at the data, and they used TXA garciniacambogia You can’t get inventive and say ‘Ah, one of the other drugs will do the same thing’ – you don’t know that, and that’s one of my concerns”.

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