Painkillers Are One Of The Causes Of Death. Part 2 of 3

Painkillers Are One Of The Causes Of Death – Part 2 of 3

Evidence-based, nonbinding guidelines should be developed to aid guide doctors’ treatment decisions. A national prescription-drug-monitoring program should be created, so doctors and pharmacists can check like programs in their own and neighboring states before writing and filling prescriptions for substances with high abuse potential. Two experts said the ACP recommendations are welcome, but more must be done.


And “The experimental guidelines are spot on and can be effective, but in order to have any real impact on prescription drug abuse, the most important strategy they need to recommend would be proper addiction curriculum and education programs for all medical schools,” said Janina Kean, president and CEO of High Watch Recovery Center, a downer rehab facility in Kent, Conn “There is a fundamental lack of education about addiction c physic and treating patients with substance-use disorders provided in medical school, as well as internships and residency programs. For example, psychiatrists – the very person whose specialty is behavioral health – in many instances do not suitably treat patients who have co-occurring addiction disorder”.

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