In Some Regions Of The US Patients Spend On Medicine Is Much More. Part 2 of 3

In Some Regions Of The US Patients Spend On Medicine Is Much More – Part 2 of 3

Manhattan, in New York City, had the highest Medicare spending on drugs at $2973 per lenient a year, while Hudson, Fla, had the lowest at $1854, the investigators found. Los Angeles, Montana, Alaska and Hawaii were other areas of high drug spending by Medicare beneficiaries, while regions of smaller spending include parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon and Maine, according to the report.


Spending on non-drug health care also varied by region, with some regions spending twice as much as the lowest, the group found. These differences in other salubrity care services were only weakly associated with spending on drugs. “The areas where drug spending is the highest have neither systematically higher-than-average nor lower-than-average non-drug medical spending”.

Health conditions that press patients have both drugs and frequent doctor visits might be one explanation for the discrepancy. Regional differences in spending might also be caused by various non-medical factors. “It is possible that more affluent people might be less receptive to price, so they tend to use more brand-name drugs, even though generics are available. Physicians from different regions might have different prescribing habits, or some plans or states might have stricter regulations regarding step therapy or latest authorization, like using preferred and cheaper drugs first before using more expensive non-preferred drugs”.

Joseph P Newhouse, professor of health policy and management at Harvard University and report co-author, attributes the variations in medicine spending to prices and prescribing habits. “In the higher-spending drug regions, doctors are prescribing more drugs and more expensive drugs”.

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