Going To Church Makes People Happier. Part 3 of 3

Going To Church Makes People Happier – Part 3 of 3

The advance the data was analyzed ensured that the spiritual factors (prayer, feeling God’s love, etc.) would not be significant because people with a strong religious identity were controlled for, or not included in the analysis, according to Koenig. “Religious particularity is what is driving all these other factors”. Social involvement is important, “but so is faith”.

Lim said the data show that only the number of close friends at church correlates with higher restitution with life. The study acknowledged the importance of religious identity, as well as number of friends, suggesting that the two factors reinforce each other. “Social networks forged in congregations and impressed religious identities are the key variables that mediate the positive connection between religion and life satisfaction,” the study concluded. Lim said he wanted to examine whether social networks in organizations such as Rotary Clubs, the Masons or other civic volunteer groups could have a almost identical impact, but it might be difficult. “It’s hard to imagine any other organization that engages as many people as religion, and that has similar shared identity and social activities natural-breast shop. It’s not gentle to think of anything that’s equivalent to that”.

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