Doctors Recommend Carefully Treat Tinnitus. Part 1 of 3

Doctors Recommend Carefully Treat Tinnitus – Part 1 of 3

Doctors Recommend Carefully Treat Tinnitus. Patients agony from the intense, chronic and sometimes untreatable ringing in the ear known as tinnitus may get some relief from a new combination therapy, beginning research suggests. The study looked at treatment with daily targeted electrical stimulation of the body’s nervous system paired with sound therapy. Half of the procedure – “vagus presumptuousness stimulation” – centers on direct stimulation of the vagus nerve, one of 12 cranial nerves that winds its way through the abdomen, lungs, heart and brain stem.

Patients are also exposed to “tone therapy” – carefully selected tones that misrepresent outside the frequency range of the troubling ear-ringing condition. Indications of the new treatment’s success, however, are so far based on a very tiny pool of patients, and relief was not universal. “Half of the participants demonstrated large decreases in their tinnitus symptoms, with three of them showing a 44 percent reduction in the impact of tinnitus on their daily lives,” said turn over co-author Sven Vanneste.

But, “five participants, all of whom were on medications for other problems, did not show significant changes”. For those participants, drug interactions might have blocked the therapy’s impact, Vanneste suggested. “However, further scrutiny needs to be conducted to confirm this,” said Vanneste, an associate professor at the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas. The study, conducted in collaboration with researchers at the University Hospital Antwerp, in Belgium, appeared in a up to date issue of the journal Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface.

The authors disclosed that two members of the study team have a unrefracted connection with MicroTransponder Inc, the manufacturer of the neurostimulation software used to deliver vagus nerve stimulation therapy. One researcher is a MicroTransponder employee, the other a consultant. Vanneste himself has no connection with the company.

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