New Studies Of HIV Infection. Part 2 of 2

New Studies Of HIV Infection – Part 2 of 2

Previous research has shown that the global spread of contrasting recombinants is increasing. Moreover, increasingly mixed and complex HIV strains are becoming more common in countries and regions with high levels of immigration, such as the United States and Europe. The unusual study was published online recently and will appear in the print version of the Journal of Infectious Diseases.


Patrik Medstrand, a professor of clinical virology at Lund University, said HIV is a dynamic and variable virus. “New subtypes and recombinant forms of HIV-1 have been introduced to our some of the world, and it is highly likely that there are a large number of circulating recombinants of which we know little or nothing,” Medstrand said in the despatch release. “We therefore need to be aware of how the HIV-1 epidemic changes over time. Health care services should be aware that certain HIV types can be more aggressive than others” generic sex drive increase cheapest. More information The US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has more about HIV and AIDS.

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