Orthopedists Recommend Replace Diseased Joints. Part 2 of 3

Orthopedists Recommend Replace Diseased Joints – Part 2 of 3

The knee arthroplasty specialist currently serves as corruption president of the orthopedic service line at North Shore LIJ Health System, an OWUSA participant based in the greater New York City region. “Now by underserved we’re real talking about ‘population USA’. That is, everyday people in our communities, our colleagues, our friends, people who lost their insurance for whatever reason. Maybe they had a job that they could no longer function because of their illness, and so lost insurance, and couldn’t get it again because of a pre-existing condition.


Maybe they could still get it but just can’t afford it”. Another case is that of Joel Kent Matthews, a 50-year old farmer and truck driver in Smithville, Ark. After decades of on occasion excruciating hip pain from a head-on car collision at age 27, Matthews finally underwent total hip replacement surgery on Dec 7, 2013 The cost: nothing, circumspection of OWUSA and participating health providers at St Vincent Infirmary in Little Rock. Scuderi recalled another case. “There’s a nurse’s right hand in my area who had lost her job due to severe knee arthritis, and then had no insurance.

She qualified for the program last year, had the surgery, and now is actually employed again, by our hospital, as a nurse’s aide. So it’s a wonderful detective story that’s come full circle. The point is that we, as orthopedic surgeons, recognize the kind of impact that degenerative hip and knee arthritis can have on a patient’s life, and how ill-behaved it is for people who are living without health care coverage to deal with it and get their lives back. So we want to get the message out that we care, and want to make a difference in their lives and well-being”.

That’s a message that Murray and her family have received. “This has meant all things to me,” she said, one week after being discharged from Lennox Hill Hospital in New York City, where on Dec 3, 2013 she underwent double-knee replacement surgery. Murray described her oldest daughter’s efforts to alleviate her suffering. “She was very disorganize about what she was witnessing. My being in pain every day. Because I used to be very active. I used to ride my bike.

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